The Last Of Us 2 not everyone is ready !


You may have read a lot about The Last Of Us 2, some decided to see a little bit, and others listened to the stories of friends, but literally nothing prepared you for the experience offered by Naughty Dog. I invite you to review one of the best games of this generation.

The Last Of Us 2 not everyone is ready !

Are you ready for The Last Of US Part II?

The Last Of Us 2 takes place exactly five years after the events of the first installment. Ellie and Joel settled in Jackson, which turned out to be a unique shelter for survivors. The townspeople could not count on the creation of a vaccine to reverse the course of events and start a new era of humanity, so every day everyone literally fights to wake up the next morning without hearing the characteristic sound of clickers. The main character is now Ellie, who was saved by her sewn-up father – the 19-year-old can not relive his first loves, does not think about studies, but fills out patrols in designated areas, looking for infected or other enemies. Ellie from the very beginning looks mature, although in awkward situations even at the beginning of the story she shows her tenderness – it is not difficult in her eyes to find the girl whom Joel brought across America a few years earlier.

During one of these missions, the protagonist is stopped by a snowstorm, she can not continue the task, instead she tries to relax in the best company for herself. However, the situation changes when she is awakened by Jesse, one of the residents of Jackson, and already in the next scene she experiences unimaginable suffering. What will happen in the next hours and even days-you need to experience with the controller in your hand. Ellie begins her hardest, most intense and darkest mission, the completion of which will divide the players.

And no matter what you’ve read and seen, “you’re not ready.” Most of the published material comes from the very beginning of the game, and what happens next leads Ellie through several cities, allows her to fight with different groups of opponents, slowly leading to the implementation of the plan. This is by far the largest production of Naughty Dog, which took me less than 28 hours to complete, feeling a little bored during just one scene.

The game has been divided into several clearly accented chapters that strike a good balance between action and rest – the latter is never too much, because the plot from beginning to end is overloaded with powerful events that vividly depict a ruined world, while capturing the story in a multidimensional way. The screenwriters depict the scenes of the past, explain exactly what happened after The Last Of Us, emphasizing the strength of the characters ‘ relationships. This way, we’ll get to know Joel even better, and even dig into the details of his bond with Ellie. Things are not as simple as you might expect, and throughout the adventure we are fed “comebacks” that expand the story.

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