The Last Of Us Part II: longer, bigger and more interesting than Part One?


This question has been in the air since the very beginning: what is The Last Of Us Part II in the background of the first installment? It’s definitely bigger, prettier, longer, narratively more interesting and more diverse. But if you ask me if we got anything significantly better than the PlayStation 3 hit, I’ll smile under my nose as I contemplate 30 hours of pure gameplay. Shit, I have no idea.

The Last Of Us Part II vs The Last Of Us Part I:

This evolving world in itself is one of the leading characters. In the first part, we met murderers, savages and cannibals. Now the theme of the post-apocalyptic New Order has been taken much further. While in the first installment we saw the destruction of a fallen civilization, so Part II shows the first fruits of the new world, grown on these ruins. There are more and more heroes in the game who do not know and do not remember the order from before 2013. these are the new people of a new world in which we would not survive even a few days. A world driven by hatred, violence and cruelty, where there is little room for love, loyalty and peace.

I really liked that at Naughty Dog they started experimenting safely with bigger, more open locations. At a certain stage of the gameplay, the player gets a faithful mare, a city map, and an entire neighborhood filled with optional shops and apartments to explore. Visiting these places is not necessary, but it involves interesting stories, and from time to time also valuable prizes, such as an additional belt for weapons or a book expanding the palette of skills. Unfortunately, the experiment with open areas ends too quickly. I hope to see more of this in Part III.

The characters of the new game have also become much more mobile. They learned to crouch, crawl, but most of all to jump. Thanks to this, a minimum portion of arcade elements was introduced into the gameplay. We jump over craters and rushing streams, and a badly-aimed sus ends up instantly dying and reading the record status. In addition, the characters balance their bodies on narrow beams, and the game has significantly more high-altitude locations. “Being with them, The Last Of Us Part II delivers one of the most realistic depictions of fear of heights I’ve ever seen in a video game. It made me sick.

The combat has also been improved and polished. Quietly eliminating enemies no longer requires us to constantly destroy the knife. We gain faster access to items such as mines, Molotov cocktails and incendiary bombs. We have more resources, more weapons and more gadgets. However, the most important innovation in the aspect of fighting is avoidance. Thanks to him, we can finally efficiently evade opponents in a short circuit. The use of dodging is natural, while a powerful blow with the axe in the counter gives you fun on the first, fifth and sixty-third time. The fight in The Last Of Us Part II has become dirtier and more contact. Yum.

The Last Of Us Part II vs The Last Of Us Part I
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